Walter Van Beirendonck Men’s Spring 2022 Collection

We imagine that attending a rave in the company of Walter Van Beirendonck would be a good time to bleed from the nose. When we jumped on a call last month to discuss this collection, the pictures here weren’t done yet, but WvB had instead referred to a movie outlining their thesis for the season. “I was reading about the fact that today’s subcultures don’t have the conditions to flourish and grow. I’ve always been very fascinated with subcultures and the way they’re created – they have such an impact on fashion, and everything. So I thought why not create my own subculture.

The result of WvB’s hydroponics subculture was a fictional band named The Subs, who were preparing for a world tour in the year 2057 by donning their costume. As he explained that the fictional band was played by the real Belgian trance technoists The Sums, he wore a great hoodie with a smiley face and the name of their recent wonderful song, “I want to dance again”, Whose superb video features unmistakable WvBs.

Neon Shadow was envisioned by the designer as the leaders of a futuristic tribe of flamboyant menswear called the Pee Cocks (you don’t get it from Pitti). From laser-cut capes with built-in acid, citrus gimp masks and a few small contrasting “gnomes with sex toys” prints, it was a collection for every occasion that could intersect with 10 hours of wanking in front. a bass bin (always the best place). WvB extended the vanity to produce a fanzine – the true hallmark of an old-fashioned scene – and had The Subs record a track “Neon Shadow”. As we said, WvB mentioned that their staff are currently working on organizing a rave at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp for September or October: “Am I going? Yeah yeah yeah!”

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