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You’ve heard of circular fashion goals, but what about circular sustainability data collection and messaging? The Trimco Group, best known for its apparel labels, care labels, packaging, store décor and high-design trims, recently created a supply chain transparency and traceability platform to help fashion companies to monitor, measure and record their own sustainability and that of their suppliers. Armed with the latest data, brands and retailers can then use Trimco’s wide range of products to send this information to their own customers via QR codes, labels and packaging.

The need for due diligence throughout the supply chain is more urgent than ever, driven by a series of social and environmental regulations around the world where brands are required to act. The New York Fashion Act, the German Supply Chain Act, the UK Modern Slavery Act, the Norwegian Transparency Act and the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles have prompted Trimco to develop its Product DNA® platform, a useful tool for fashion/apparel, children’s wear, home textiles and footwear.

“Trimco Group is a link in the supply chain that innovates and takes the initiative and action related to what is happening in the industry, finding solutions as they arise,” said said Camilla Mjelde, director of care and content compliance and sustainability at Trimco Group. “Product DNA® helps brands meet these regulations, facilitating an otherwise difficult task to manage and measure their sustainability strategy.”

The Product DNA® concept is at three levels: a Certificate Manager module (brands collect social and environmental impact and transaction certificates from their supply chain, monitoring their compliance at global or product level), a Track&Trace (brands adapt their account to measure and report on the sustainability marks they want, including weight-based claims in line with the new EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles and footwear), and product communication using QR codes.

As it is cloud-based, vendors around the world all have access to certifications and updates, making it easy to compile information. “Brands often complain about the difficulty of accessing information beyond Tier 1 (garment factories) all the way to Tier 4 (raw material suppliers), not to mention the time it takes to enter all that data. , and this system offers a solution,” said Mjelde.

Product DNA® is a value-added service that Trimco offers to its customers who already use their highly engineered care labels and durable trims. “The label and trim data is so valuable and can be put to good use, providing brands with more insight into their sustainability efforts,” Mjelde said. “So we collect data that is already circulating for the production of our trims and use it to report on the durability/non-sustainability of garments put on the market.”

Brands like ASICS and DK Company use Trimco’s Product DNA® platform to monitor social and environmental compliance in their supply chain.

“Being able to improve our sustainability performance and supply chain traceability has become much easier with the solution provided by our trusted partners in the Trimco Group,” said Laurens Norde, Senior Production Specialist at materials at ASICS EMEA. “Dealing with multiple factories around the world and actively focusing on sustainability has highlighted the need for more transparency in our supply chain. We’ve been very happy with the tool so far, and were equally pleased to hear that Product DNA® was just as flexible as the rest of their solutions.

Flexibility, in fact, is a hallmark of the platform, allowing users to customize to their needs, putting customers in the driver’s seat. Customizable dashboard allows brands to easily monitor sustainable and ESG efforts, generate real-time comparison reports by material, season, collection, product category, regions, and drill down for deeper analysis .

This interactivity, which involves all internal stakeholders such as buyers, sourcing or compliance and sustainable development teams, is the hallmark of the platform. It is also the basis of the Trimco Group slogan, “Together We Deliver”, a living mantra that guides the company’s teams around the world. Beyond the internal benefits that allow a company to monitor existing suppliers or discover which ones are best for them, the platform has many outward-facing benefits, providing the information required for external parties such as auditors. , shareholders, public authorities and the general public.

“Brands can choose to share whatever information they want by using it in their ESG reports or by creating a specific communication that includes platform-triggered information,” Mjelde said, noting that it’s one way. for Trimco to support brands by transforming what can be an exhausting task into information available quickly and in real time. “This is why, using QR codes, we give brands the possibility of reinscribing this communication path on their fittings, packaging or store decoration. The possibilities are limitless.”

Trimco Group is the joining forces of 3 companies—A-TEX, CLOTEX and LABELON. To learn more about its platform or Product DNA® versions, click here.

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