Thought changes brand to highlight its sustainable offer

Fashion brand Thought, known for its sustainable approach to clothing, has unveiled a new brand identity designed to communicate its goal of “helping people discover the joy of living in a more thoughtful way”.

Thought has been relaunched with a refined brand logo, refreshed color scheme and new website to highlight its new “confident mission statement” and an updated look, feel and tone of voice aimed at putting highlight the benefits of living sustainably.

Commenting on the rebrand, Rachel Kelly, Founder and Creative Director, said in a statement, “What feels extra special is that we can truly speak our truth in an authentic way. Greenwashing is a huge issue in our industry, but our business was built around a sustainable ethos – that’s fundamentally who we are.

“We started by making environmentally and socially responsible choices in our apparel production and fabric sourcing, and that’s what we continue to do, while evolving to stay one step ahead.”

Image: Thought

Sustainable fashion brand Thought unveils new brand identity and improved website

At the heart of the relaunch is a platform “where thoughtful decision-making isn’t just easy but feels good while doing it — because when doing good feels good, that’s when a positive change happens,” says Thought.

The new, updated website features “engaging and intelligent content” to help its customers on their journey to mindful living. This includes a new Tracking Center with helpful tips on how to care for clothes to make them last longer to underline Thought’s motto: “Wear Me, Love Me, Fix Me and Pass Me On” .

Image: Thought website

The website is also more colorful, showcasing the brand’s uplifting new color palette of coral, blue, yellow and green. It has also been designed for ease of navigation and to showcase Thought’s values ​​to offer collections that are affordable and sustainable, vegan-friendly, organic, and using recycled and natural fibers.

Thought’s branding has also been revamped, from the logo to packaging and labels. She commissioned hand-painted artwork for her branded packaging, thinking the packaging could be repurposed and repurposed by her customers. Additionally, the new mailbags are also biodegradable and compostable, and all of its cotton labels are organic.

The sustainable brand has also invested in new care labels, which contain additional information about the production and origin of each garment. While the hang tags will feature QR codes allowing customers to further engage with the materials and fabrics used.

Image: Thought

Kelly added, “We can confidently call ourselves a sustainable fashion and lifestyle company, and now communicate that in genuine, understandable and heartfelt dialogue.”

Thought is sold online at and through dealerships at John Lewis.

Image: Thought
Image: Thought

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