This Lebanese luxury bag brand is shaping the world of sustainable fashion

Many Lebanese fashion designers and brands are now taking more eco-friendly and sustainable paths in the fashion industry.

The Lebanese Foux is one of them, a brand committed to the design of eco-friendly luxury bags inspired by a gender-neutral style.

The bag brand assumes its responsibility towards the environment. He now works to achieve sustainability and conscious consumption while using good materials and the skill of craftsmen to reduce the use of fabrics.

While reinventing the world of fashion, the brand applies avant-garde techniques by using unused recycled clothing for its bags, as well as recycled kraft paper for packaging.

The innovative brand Foux was co-founded by Hassan Malle and Fouad Naccache, who prove their talent in the fashion industry.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 2016, Hassan Malle also founded Brut Architects, an independent design office.

Four years later, Malle obtained a degree in Luxury Brand Management, where he discovered a new passion for luxury fashion.

In 2021, he launched Foux with Fouad Naccache, MBA graduate and luxury brand management/marketing graduate, also an experienced interior designer.

Fouad Naccache is the creative director of Foux and a fan of a contemporary, modern and luxurious style, as evidenced by his work.

Currently, the brand is gaining a lot of fans, especially among Lebanese youth, for its unique approach to saving the environment, while offering stylish, bold and youthful bags.

Here is an overview of the Foux bag collections:

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