The next essential piece of luxury living: pickleball courts

Pickleball courts are a hot new piece of equipment. (Getty)

It is a game from which the brine came.

Mansion Global reports that the hot new amenity in upscale retirement communities, housing estates and resorts are indoor and outdoor courts for playing Pickleball – an old-fashioned combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong. nearly 60 years old than nearly 4.8 people who play every day find it dill-icious.

“Buyers are definitely asking questions about pickleball,” Wendy Pines, sales manager of Casamar Residences, which has homes starting at $1.5 million, in Pompano Beach, Florida, told the publication. “They’re excited we’re going to have it on the property and it appeals to people of all ages.”

Pickleball plays like badminton without the shuttlecock, replacing what was first a whiffle ball (before settling on a plastic ball with multiple holes), and uses a more tennis-esque net and specialized racquets that are similar, but larger than these. used to play table tennis.

Its popularity has only grown since its invention in 1965 on Brainbridge Island in Washington State thanks to its simplicity of play, inexpensive equipment and popularity in community centers, school gymnasiums, parks , health clubs, YMCA facilities and retirement communities.

And this has led the major manufacturers to take it into account in their plans for new developments.

“Whether it’s a retirement community, a planned housing development with a variety of product types for different ages and demographics, or a private club, you name it, they add pickle[ball]Chicago-based designer Mary Cook, who specializes in multi-family developments and amenity facilities, told the publication.

At the Miami Standard Residences, which are slated for completion in 2023, developers have designed an indoor lot that can be used as a party room, with disco balls hanging from the ceiling. Spectators and players will be offered branded clothing and paddles based on Wes Anderson’s film ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’.

And at the Abaco Club in the Bahamas, where cabins cost up to $3 million and villas up to $12 million, an underutilized area has been transformed into lighted pickleball courts and a half-court basketball court the along a palm fringed palm tree. road leading to the beach.

“It opened up the whole area and changed the dynamic,” Matt Young, Abaco Club’s director of outdoor activities, told the publication. “Plans are underway to build a sort of outlet, with a coffee stand in the morning where people can sit and watch pickleball or have a cup of coffee between games.”

Representatives for residential developer Optima, which has properties in Scottsdale, Arizona and Chicago, said they are planning an outdoor pickleball stadium in a luxury apartment tower in Scottsdale.

“We’re excited to build resident programming around this new feature, possibly hosting a tournament,” David Hovey Jr., Optima’s COO and Principal Architect, told the website.

With all of these Pickleball plans in the works, it looks like this trend won’t be going bad anytime soon (yes, that pickleball pun is planned).

[Mansion Global] — Vince DiMiceli

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