Sister Jane is fashion’s favorite brand full of Bridgerton-inspired dresses

There’s nothing like that first glimpse of the sun to kick-start the search for the perfect summer dress, but fashion insiders have already found it. “Them”, in fact.

Disclose: Sister Jane is the answer.

This week may have plunged us unexpectedly back into single-digit temperatures and seen us digging back into our wardrobes to dig up the heavy winter coats we arrogantly decided were redundant during last week’s heatwave. , but – turning a blind eye to Thursday’s rather bizarre snowfall – there’s no denying that spring East on his way. We have those evenings still lit at 7 p.m. to testify to that…

And where there is spring, a host of sartorial opportunities follows close behind.

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Of course, with the release of Bridgerton season two last week, there’s something of a regencycore revolution taking over the sartorial scene.

We’re talking puff sleeves, rich jacquard fabrics, bow detailing, corsetry and opera gloves… anything that resembles it. could were pinched from the Bridgerton set is a safe way to enter the trend.

Meeting all of our regency needs is Sister Janea London-based brand that was founded in 2011.

Full of whimsy and packed with super feminine, vintage-inspired pieces, Sister Jane releases a new edition every 6-8 weeks with around 50 new styles – each of which has a very limited buy behind them in a bid to guarantee supply and Requirement. -adjust.

85% of the brand’s production is made to order, which means not only is every piece a limited edition purchase, but also the brand is able to have virtually 0% wasted product due to satisfaction appropriate to the request.

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“Coming into the fashion industry, I was shocked by the amount of waste embedded in the supply chain, with the traditional fashion calendar being the main culprit for all kinds of inefficiencies,” said the Brand CEO, Enrico Ziglio. “From the start, we decided to completely ignore it and make it our own, something that ten years ago raised more eyebrows than it does today.”

“At the center was a commitment to be as efficient as possible, produce strictly to order and reduce waste to zero. As a result, we designed a just-in-time model where we launch limited capsule collections every 6 weeks and deliver it 4/5 weeks later to our retail partners, keeping stock levels lean and effectively reducing any wastage.

Selling an average of 50 dresses a day, this season’s current best-seller is the universally flattering model pink gingham midi dressbut some other Fashion Editor favorites include the Angelica jacquard maxi dressthe Douceur long jacquard dress and the Queen Bee Maxi Dress (below).

“At Sister Jane, we love creating stories,” said Gregori Apers, Product Manager. “We create for each collection an atmosphere that speaks to people, a simple story in which everyone can identify, dream and remember. Each story is the starting point for a new adventure and new designs, new color and print palettes, new carefully selected fabrics.

Scroll down to shop our fashion editor’s pick of new season highlights from Sister Jane…

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