RIT alumna’s clothing label showcased at New York Fashion Week

After a lifelong interest in clothing design, Chrystel Anne Clasicas burst onto the fashion scene, starting out selling face masks in 2020 and showing her work at New York Fashion Week a year later. Now she’s gearing up to appear again at this year’s New York Fashion Week showing off a collection of designs in collaboration with RIT engineers.

Clasicas’ interest in fashion stems from the many seamstresses in her family, and an aunt in particular who inspired her to take up sewing. Despite this interest, her family urged her to pursue a more traditional education and she chose to major in business management at RIT Dubai in the hopes that these skills could help her build a fashion brand there. ‘to come up. Clasicas attended fashion school after graduating from RIT in 2018, then teamed up with her sister, RIT alumnus Chyrille Clasicas, and RIT friends Priti Mirchandani and Gilles Gandia, to finally launch her fashion brand, Chrystel Anne Mode.

Reflecting on the time she spent studying business management, Clasicas says, “I feel like I have an edge over a lot of other designers in the industry.”

Clasicas’ goals for the brand are to create luxury apparel that supports body positivity while using zero-waste manufacturing methods. To achieve these goals, Chrystel Anne Fashion offers bespoke garments, reducing waste from mass production and allowing each garment to be tailored to the customer’s exact measurements. The brand also includes a size sheet and instructions on its website to help customers send accurate measurements of themselves for their garment.

After just a year in business, Chrystel Anne Fashion presented a show at the prestigious New York Fashion Week in February 2021. The collection featured modern takes on Regency Era designs, and Clasicas named the pieces after Greek goddesses to hold carriers accountable.

She explained that this event was initially “unnerving” and made her doubt herself, but she also recalls that “getting the feedback and getting all the reviews for the show really helped me realize that , yes, I deserve to be here.” Additionally, the exposure of this event led Vanity Fair and Tatler to feature Chrystel Anne Fashion in its style brief section, further cementing the brand’s place in the fashion world. fashion.

Chrystel Anne Fashion will have another show for New York Fashion Week 2022 this month. For this show, Clasicas collaborated with former engineers Moiz Naeem, Gilles Gandia, Paul Suansing and Laith Alshuha of RIT Dubai to infuse new creativity into their designs. She remembers being friends with many engineers during her time at RIT, and as she says, “the world would be surprised to see fashion and engineering collide.” Along with the added engineering elements, each design in the upcoming collection will represent an emotion that many people may have felt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With such meteoric growth for her brand, Clasicas says that for now, she’s “just riding the wave”.

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