Our favorite finds at Easton’s luxury boutiques

Ohio’s first stand-alone Gucci store was set to open in Easton in June, giving shoppers another luxury brand to buy…or simply salivate over. Gucci joins established Easton brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and others with status symbol offerings that range from useful to downright useless. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite finds; most of the items below are available at Easton stores, and all can be purchased from the brands’ websites.

Louis Vuitton lipstick case$1,510

Nothing says “luxury” like single-use carrying cases.

Gucci padlock case for Apple Watch$3,200

If you’ve dropped over $1,200 on an Apple Watch Hermés, only the fanciest case will do.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver AM/PM Pill Box$925

Accessibility point with the Braille label, but what could be less practical than a daily pill box?

Gucci Slip-On Feather Cuffs$5,650

Or, and hear us out, just wear a sleeved shirt.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Coffee Canister$1,600

Think of all the tin/aluminum cans you could buy with $1,600.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Clothespin$550

Because wooden clothespins are so bourgeois.

Tory Burch Monogram T Embossed Case for AirPods$168

Why buy a regular case for your fancy headphones when you can invest in a brand name case?

Louis Vuitton Micro Noé bag charm$760

At just 5.5 inches tall, this trinket costs over $138 per inch.

Michael Kors Olympia Extreme Trainer$225

Who needs arch support when your shoes are this light?

Kate Spade New York Play Tennis Slide Sandals$228

Perfect for those front row tickets to Wimbledon…and not much else.

This story is from the July 2022 issue of Monthly Columbus.

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