One of four Peckham man jailed for raids on luxury boutiques in London’s West End

Peckham man Anthony Alleyne, 54, received the longest sentence of four years and six months for his role in the ram raids

A man from Peckham was among four members of an organized criminal group jailed for looting more than £ 465,000 in designer goods in a series of raids on London’s West End stores.

The men, including Anthony Alleyne of Peckham, smashed the doors of three luxury clothing stores last year using vehicles and a hammer, Metropolitan Police said.

The 54-year-old admitted conspiring to burglarize in connection with the raids, alongside Martin Dunne, 37, Gary Lynch, 32, Omar Bakali and Jamie Claydon, both 28.

Gary Lynch from Highgate

Martin Dunne of Waltham Abbey

Omar Bakali of Kilburn

Four of the five were sentenced just before Christmas, Tuesday, December 21, to prison terms.

Only Jamie Claydon, 28, from Newbourne, Suffolk, escaped jail with a two-year suspended jail sentence. He also pleaded guilty to receiving stolen goods.

Jamie Claydon from Newbourne, Suffolk

Balenciaga and Valentino handbags were collected from Selfridge on Oxford Street before the group fled undetected in a Jaguar and Audi-S with fake license plates in the first offense on July 14 of Last year.

It wasn’t until after the second break-in that Met’s Flying Squad agents were able to begin tracking down the men using CCTV, DNA evidence and phone records.

DNA taken from the abandoned vehicle at the scene of their second smash-and-grab has linked Alleyne to the looting, the court said. On July 24, in the early hours of the morning, the gang, police said, wreaked “havoc” through Celine’s front doors on Mount Street in a stolen Golf and stealing more handbags.

CCTV showed the group met in Highgate, north London, after the offense and loaded a Ford Transit van, which the court heard linked to Lynch, with stolen goods.

Pictures and messages found on Bakali’s phone, police said, revealed that he attempted to sell the handbags the next day.

The court heard that the group was arrested after breaking into the Italian ski clothing store Moncler on Old Bond Street with a hammer in the early hours of October 9 last year.

They approached the store just after midnight in a stolen Kia and two motorcycles before stealing a number of jackets, bags and other clothing and escaping.

Later that day, surveillance officers in Epping found Claydon in a van with a transport of Moncler clothes in garbage bags.

He was arrested on suspicion of handling goods and released under investigation.

Dunne, of Waltham Abbey, was sentenced to three years in prison.

Bakali, of Kilburn, was sentenced to four years and four months in prison.

Lynch, of Highgate, was sentenced to two years and eight months’ imprisonment.

The man from Peckham Alleyne, 54, received the longest sentence of four years and six months in jail.

Met’s Flying Squad Detective Constable Martyn Stone said: “This was an extremely complex investigation involving a huge amount of evidence.

“The group has wreaked havoc in the West End with badly damaged buildings and high value goods stolen. These men have since discovered that crime doesn’t pay and thanks to the Flying Squad’s complex investigative work, they will instead be spending time behind bars.

Scotland Yard said investigations are continuing to locate and bring to justice pending suspects allegedly involved in the offenses.

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