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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – You may know Patrick Henry as one half of the HENRY Masks duo, but now he’s getting national recognition for his clothing brand RICHFRESH and has taken to one of the biggest stages in the country – the mid -Super Bowl time.

“It was 11 looks that were on it. Some of them were very, very recognizable. Just as Snoop walked in, there was a cat playing guitar in a light blue tracksuit. There was another cat; “I think Adam. He had on the jacket, white in front with navy blue sleeves. Then there was a cat on the keys. He was wearing a gray tracksuit with the standard stripes,” Henry said.

Henry said the Super Bowl stylist searched for him about a month ago, and it all took off from there.

But he says RICHFRESH isn’t your typical tracksuit brand.

“We describe it as luxury-leisure, a hybrid of luxury and athleisure because it’s very comfortable clothing. You can move around in it on the go. I travel a lot, so I jump in and out of jets, I don’t want to be uncomfortable.

The inspiration for all the colors? His hometown of Memphis.

“Memphis is a very colorful city. It felt like my greatest thing. Very colorful, very daring city. It’s beautiful, and that’s what I’ve always remembered,” he said.

Henry said it was this city that taught him part of his work ethic. And it’s a city that has already given so much to him and his brother for their HENRY Masks brand.

“The gift of entrepreneurship and hustle. Memphis taught me that. I wouldn’t imagine that since I was young, since I was 19, I’ve just been in hustle mode. learned how to hone my craft and communicate my value and pursue something.

Henry said the best advice he can give young people is to stay persistent and know that nothing happens overnight.

“Whatever you do, go very aggressively keeping in mind that it can and will happen.”

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