Luxury footwear brand Stuart Weitzman announces partnership with CCS to inspire the future of footwear design

Luxury shoe brand Stuart Weitzman announces its partnership with the College for Creative Studies (CCS) fashion design program designed to empower the next generation of shoe designers. The educational partnership – a first for the brand – includes a semester-long studio class where students researched, imagined, designed and handcrafted two prototypes for their vision for a future Stuart Weitzman collection. The first course launched in fall 2021.

Led by Aki Choklat, President of Fashion Design at CCS, the students were tasked with designing for the consumer from 2030 to 2035. Members of Stuart Weitzman’s design team, led by Global Head of Design Edmundo Castillo, provided comments at key points throughout the quarter. . For the midterm presentation, CCS hosted Castillo, along with designer Casper Werner and SVP, Global Head of Human Resources Jen Houck, in Detroit to share feedback with the students.

“When I went to school to see the prototypes, I could see a very raw part of the process that could turn into anything,” Castillo says. “My biggest interest was giving the right kind of criticism and advice so that they achieved what they wanted to achieve creatively.”

Students were inspired by topics close to their hearts, such as climate change, representation and inclusivity. This inspiration and their personal artistic visions fueled results that exceeded expectations.

“These types of experiential learning opportunities are a core part of our teaching philosophy,” Choklat said. “Students not only get invaluable feedback and experience from top professionals, but they also get to see what their future workplace could be like. Stuart Weitzman and his team opened their doors and shared their professional advice with us, something for which I am eternally grateful.

At the end of the semester, students and faculty traveled to Stuart Weitzman’s corporate headquarters at Hudson Yards in New York City to share their final presentations with a group of brand leaders, including Castillo, CEO and President of the brand, Giorgio Sarné, Vice President, Global Communications Jackie Seaman and more.

“I was inspired by the love they see in making shoes, thinking about the shoes, looking at the details and in the questions they asked,” says Giorgio. “I remember when I was young, I was always thinking, ‘is this the right question?’ I believe there is no right question, just ask the question.

“They took our advice and turned it into something really, really great,” Castillo adds.

About Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman shoes are designed for high fashion and high function. Known for over 35 years for their Spanish craftsmanship and precision-engineered fit, the luxury footwear brand inspires women everywhere to shine with every step.

Stuart Weitzman is part of the Tapestry portfolio, a global house of brands committed to extending what is possible.

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