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NEW YORK, July 13. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Specializing in the rarest Fancy Color diamonds of impeccable provenance, Maison Mazerea is the world’s premier Haute Diamanterie. For its first appearance, Maison Mazerea introduced a return to the traditional handcrafting of spectacular diamonds, focusing on the beauty and individuality of the diamond itself. The vision to revive the glory and romance of the original introduction of diamonds to France in the days of Cardinal Jules Mazarin and Louis XIV was unveiled during an enchanted evening at the Hotel Le Marois, Paris.

The evening was also the first public appearance of the newly named Grace Diamond, one of the rarest pink diamonds in the world, which will soon be displayed in a sublime jewelry creation by renowned Place Vendôme designer Lorenz Bäumer.

This inspiring event highlighted the unparalleled craftsmanship of Maison Mazerea, in which some of the world’s most experienced master artisans apply traditional art and cutting skills to Fancy Color diamonds. And beyond the inspiring beauty of each diamond lies an equally rare quality: impeccable sourcing, exceptional ethics and perfect traceability, made possible by the owner of the brand Burgundy Diamond Mines whose vertically integrated business model is unique. in the diamond industry.

In a series of breathtaking exhibits, guests explored the remarkable journey that each Maison Mazerea diamond takes, from mines around the world, to the Grand Atelier in Perth, straight to Paris. In particular, guests had the chance to examine in person the polished rough and traditional cut diamonds of Maison Mazerea, and to see the world premiere of the Grace Diamond. Leading figures from the diamond, jewelry and watch industries were in attendance, all sharing a sense of excitement over a new trend in the niche sector of rare and precious Fancy Color diamonds.

Founder and CEO Peter Ravenscroft said: “We have been working on this exciting moment for some time. With the launch of Maison Mazerea and our collaboration with leading designer jewelers, we hope to celebrate the extraordinary beauty and value of Fancy Color diamonds and restore the soul, personality and individuality of these exquisite natural diamonds through the practice of Haute Diamanterie.”

In the months and years to come, Maison Mazerea will unveil new and unprecedented collaborations between Haute Joaillerie creators, in which the art of Haute Diamanterie finds its highest expression.

About Burgundy Diamond Mines

Burgundy Diamond Mines is an Australia-based company focused on the global production and sale of polished fancy color diamonds, with an initial focus on consolidating a portfolio of premier diamond projects in Canada, Botswana and in Australia. Founded in 2020, the company stands out for its innovative downstream strategy. In 2021 Burgundy Diamond Mines acquired the former Ellendale Mine in Western Australia, famous for its highly sought after Fancy Yellow Diamonds, and took ownership of the cutting and polishing facilities and extremely experienced team at Argyle Pink Diamonds.


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