John Legend to launch skincare brand for people of color

John Legend partners with A-Frame Brands – a Los Angeles-based celebrity business development platform led by investor and former fashion executive Ari Bloom – to launch a brand aimed at people with rich skin in melanin, an underserved skincare market.

The label will target the three main issues that people with high levels of melanin in their skin are vulnerable to: significant levels of dryness, pH imbalances and environmental impact, said Martin Ekechukwu, A-Frame brand manager. . Further details on the line, including a name for the joint venture, additional investors, as well as specific products and price range, will be released in time ahead of the brand’s debut, which is slated for fall. .

“We’re looking for obvious, head-scratching issues that are typically experienced by people of color, disadvantaged people, and really anyone who hasn’t received a particular product in the market,” Ekechukwu said.

The Legend brand will first launch with a direct-to-consumer site in the US, which will serve as a “content-rich” place where people go to understand exactly what the brand is all about, Ekechukwu says. Legend, too, will take the lead in marketing the brand, integrating it with his other projects, including his social media. Although details were not disclosed, Ekechukwu said Legend is a partner and owner of the brand.

Finding a business partner is also important for the brand, according to Ekechukwu. The team targets retailers that are accessible to a wide range of people – a concept the brand also uses to inform its pricing strategy. Although he couldn’t reveal details because the products are still in development, Ekechukwu says the brand is aiming for a price that would work for the 150 million people the brand identifies in the United States who have a certain level of higher melanin.

“All the high-value ingredients shouldn’t be available only to those who can afford it, we want to try to make it as democratized as possible, making sure everyone has access to these products,” Ekechukwu said.

A-Frame has made a special effort to create brands that meet the skincare needs of people of color. Her past ventures include tennis champion Naomi Osaka’s Kinló, a sun and skin care line formulated to meet the needs of darker-skinned people, and The Proudly Co., Gabrielle Union and baby care line of Dwyane Wade for the same consumer.

The celebrity-owned beauty brand space has only grown over the past year as a number of recognizable names have launched new labels, including a nail polish line from Harry Styles, a color cosmetics brand from Ariana Grande and a perfume from Billie Eilish. Celebrities are increasingly shying away from traditional supporting and speaking roles for real-world issues and C-Suite spots.

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