JJ Valaya launches its brand new Bridge-To-Luxury brand “Jjv” with an eco-conscious collection made from Tencel™ Luxe

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JJ Valaya launches its brand new Bridge-To-Luxury brand “Jjv” with an eco-conscious collection made from Tencel™ Luxe

Posted on March 10, 2022

JJV’s first collection: [ RUMELI ~ The Summer Story ] will be presented at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week in March 2022

Famous Couturier JJ Valaya has been an integral part of weddings and celebrations for over three decades. This year, as the luxury apparel brand celebrates 30 years in fashion, it takes it a step further by launching its brand new luxury gateway brand, JJV. The new brand debuts with an eco-conscious collection made from TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn.

Derived from renewable wood sources in a closed-loop lyocell process, TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn is set to define the luxury fashion landscape with its silky softness, liquid drape, vibrant color and strength.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Vineet Singhal, VP – Global, BU Noble Fibers, said “JJV symbolizes the values ​​that TENCEL™ LUXE stands for, namely conscious luxury, durability, the ability to stand the test of time as well as a rich royal feel, very similar to silk. Indeed, TENCEL™ LUXE is a sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan alternative to silk.We are pleased to partner with JJV on this landmark collection in their journey.

JJV is a second-hand clothing brand that revolves around the spirit of travel. As a brand, its philosophy is inspired by the unique life and journeys of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala, also the land of JJ Valaya’s ancestors. JJV therefore sifts through never-before-seen photographs and excerpts from his diaries and travelogues, to interpret the story of a ruler who wanted to bring the world to his people – and in fact, bring his people to the world.

Mr. JJ Valaya said“At launch, JJV, our brand new line of luxury apparel for women and men, is an eco-friendly initiative using the finest TENCEL™ LUXE fabrics to support Lenzing Austria’s belief in conscious luxury. Designed for the luxury traveler, this premier collection is crafted with a sensitivity towards sustainability.TENCEL™ LUXE is transforming the future of high-end fashion, and we are thrilled to incorporate this beautiful material into our belief in sustainable luxury.

He added: “As a true royal nomad at heart, I have always felt that while we all prefer to travel light, there are so many instances during these trips where we have to dress up to go out, that whether for impromptu parties, fine dining experiences or the opera. JJV recognizes and embraces this need, where one can still maintain a unique sense of personal style without the weight of heavy embroidery. It retains the distinct signature of the JJ Valaya philosophy while being a modern label for the modern traveler who likes to be prepared for celebrations wherever they go.

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