Indian brand Dash and Dot debuts at Paris Fashion Week 2022

Indian brand Dash and Dot recently debuted at Paris Fashion Week 2022 and showcased their Fall/Winter collection in ready-to-wear silhouettes. The collection which aims to bring the accessible luxury of India to the rest of the world is inspired by the rich history of Indian textiles and craftsmanship.

However, the highlight of the fashion show was that each piece had an element of sustainability. While the coats and jackets were made from recycled jute sacks adorned with mirrors, the shirts had details created with a unique embroidery technique using surplus sewing threads collected from export factories.

“We wanted sustainability to be at the heart of the collection. It was a perfect platform to showcase Indian craftsmanship,” said Ashray Gujral, Founder of Dash and Dot. DH. “The idea coalesced around using sustainable materials and embellishing them with Indian craftsmanship.”

“The clothes had to be luxurious but stay within the ready-to-wear space. We used sustainable and recycled materials and added value through traditions and craftsmanship typically reserved for the Indian tailoring space. India has a rich history of textiles, and time was right to translate that into language that was easy to wear and accessible to the world.”

It wasn’t until Gujral received a call discussing the logistics of the show and the pre-show interview that he began to believe it was all real.

“To be noticed and invited to present at the highest levels of our industry within two years of our launch was great validation for the work we’ve done and motivation enough to keep going,” he said.

Gujral founded Dash and Dot in 2020 as a functional, forward-thinking brand, which uses only vegan leather and post-consumer recycled polyester and organic cotton. He realized there was a gap for a brand to cater to an Indian but globally aware audience.

“The Indian market is extremely focused on designer brands, many of which are priced out of reach. We started with the war cry of ‘designed, not just designer’, to create functional fashion that would be more accessible and wearable,” did he declare. added.

The reception given to the Paris Fashion Week show is encouraging from both the media and multi-brand stores. While Dash and Dot is covered by several European fashion magazines and blogs, Gujral hopes he will fulfill his dream of creating a national brand positioned alongside global giants.

“Our primary mission as a brand remains to bring accessible, well-designed and high-quality luxury ready-to-wear products to the Indian customer. We are from here, and first and foremost for here” , Gujral said.

Keeping the needs of the buyer in mind, Dash and Dot also offers free customization based on size.

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