How Genesis hopes to take on Lexus

“I think 2022 is a really big pivotal year for us in terms of the Genesis brand, with electric vehicles and more awareness of Genesis and the Genesis difference, so those are our key opportunities in 2022,” he said. he declares.

Premium in the segment

It will also be a key year for Seat’s premium brand, Cupra.

It’s a bit ahead, having been a name on Seat’s sportiest models for years, but it’s now a marque in its own right, and a Cupra UK spokesman told us it’s lies between the mass market and the traditional premium. segment. That makes it more premium compared to Seat than actually premium, perhaps.

With 55 dealerships, it sold 7,700 cars in the UK last year, 80% of which were its Formentor hybrid crossover.

Electrification is key to its future program, and the imminent arrival of the Born electric sedan will face strong electric rivals, notably from everyone else within the Volkswagen Group, such as the closely related Volkswagen ID 3.

Another brand taking up the premium challenge is Stellantis’ DS, born from the Citroën team and once again premium in its segment.

DS UK managing director Jules Tilstone told us the brand has a clear focus within the Stellantis group to attract premium customers who would otherwise look elsewhere.

However, its bestseller in 2021 in the UK was the DS 3 compact crossoveressentially the latest version of a car that once bore the Citroën badge.

Tilstone is confident growth will come this year, particularly with its plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, as it moves towards an all-electric brand from 2025.

“In the first quarter of 2022, we will capitalize on this success and double our range, starting with the DS 9, our E-segment sedan and new flagship of the brand, followed closely by our C-segment sedan, the DS 4, “said Tilstone.

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