How fashion designer Don C exerts pressure to produce greatness


As they say, “pressure makes diamonds”. This would explain how these four influencers and icons have become some of the greatest and rarest gems in their fields. Moët & Chandon, the official champagne of the NBA, has launched its Greatness Under Pressure campaign featuring 10 times NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, quadruple WNBA champion Sue Bird, legendary jeweler Jason from Beverly Hills and fashion designer Therefore as community builders and pressure applicators. According to the press release sent to For (bes) The Culture, each featured luminary “has been selected for their unique portrayal of Greatness Under Pressure, not only highlighting the highlights, but celebrating the journey, including all obstacles and accomplishments along the way. “

As the returning partner of Moët & Chandon, longtime fan and designer, Don Crawley, known in the industry as Therefore, is best known for being the founder of streetwear and sportswear brand Just Don. By remaining faithful to its passion and creativity, Moët & Chandon has recognized ThereforeThe demonstrated perseverance and dedication of the brand’s 2019 Nectar of the Culture campaign. He confided exclusively to For (bes) La Culture that he admired the Moët & Chandon brand and although he has partnered with them in the past, something about the Greatness Under Pressure campaign felt right.

“I knew I had to join this campaign because I’m all about the journey and although I feel like I’m still striving for my greatness, the beauty is in the road you take to get there. You set a goal and then you go there and make sure you’re doing your best at all times, ”Don C told For (bes) The Culture. “With this campaign, Moët and the NBA are really encouraging people to find those moments to celebrate along the way without focusing on waiting for that ‘big time’ to do it because life is a series of greats and little moments that all deserve a toast.I find a lot of inspiration to see other examples of greatness and that’s also a big part of the campaign: the importance of community that helps you be successful.

For (bes) The Culture met Don C about the Greatness Under Pressure campaign, its partnership with Moët & Chandon and the parallel relationship between fashion and sport.

For (bes) Culture: How do you illustrate what it means to perform greatness under pressure, and what is a recent example?

Therefore : I make sure that in everything I do, I always do my best. At the beginning of my career as a designer, I worked very hard to be recognized and to get people to believe in my creative ideas since I come from a musical and financial background. By working alongside Kanye and Jay-Z, I was able to share my designs and see them take off from there. I think the important thing for me is to stay dedicated and true to myself throughout the trip. I feel a thrill of the pressure that comes with making your dreams come true and I love the space of connecting with people who love my art.

For (bes) Culture: When did your partnership with Moët & Chandon start and how has it evolved since?

Therefore : The first time I worked with Moët & Chandon for the Nectar of Culture campaign in 2020, I have since been an enthusiastic partner of the brand. When they reached out for this campaign, it was obvious I had to join because it fits who I am. Addressing these obstacles to overcome and shine stronger is what motivates me and therefore Greatness Under Pressure is truly amazing. Moët and the NBA are two brands at the top of their industry, which have faced the pressure on their journey to the top and, more importantly, they are an integral part of the culture and the celebrations, so it’s really exciting to have them. see team up. officially. I can’t wait to see where our partnership could go in the future, but for now, I will continue to sip Moët to celebrate my victories.

For (bes) Culture: How have you seen the relationship between fashion and sport develop over the years, and how have you been a part of this evolving relationship?

Therefore : Back then in the NBA you might see a guy or two – maybe Walt Frazier or Allen Iverson – have a fit when they get into the game, but now everyone’s showing up. I would say the NBA is the hottest sports league and players appreciate their style on and off the court. There was this stigma that if you were an athlete you weren’t trendy, but I’ve always loved both and I love being able to create something that is where the two intersect. Working with brands like Moët and the NBA that bring my passion to life and celebrate style and sport have been amazing experiences for me.

To see the full Greatness Under Pressure campaign, watch the video above.


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