Ford knocks Toyota off the roost as Americans consider the brand first

More Americans considered buying a Ford than a car from any other group in the fourth quarter of 2021. It’s the first time a brand other than Toyota has won the title in more than four years.

The news comes from Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch survey – a quarterly consumer perception survey that also incorporates shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model compares to its segment competitors on a dozen factors. keys to a consumer’s purchasing decision.

KBB publishes two versions of the study. One covers the luxury car market. The other covers affordable cars. Ford took the lead in the Affordable Car Study. The study on luxury cars should be available soon.

Of all non-luxury new-vehicle buyers, a full third considered a Ford, up two percentage points in the fourth quarter from the third quarter of 2021. It was the largest quarter-on-quarter increase ever. other of all non-luxury brands. This put Ford in the top spot, a spot it last held in 2015.

Toyota has always beaten Ford where it counts – more buyers eventually bought a Toyota.

An unusual year

It’s unclear how enduring Ford’s victory is. The Michigan-based company has taken the lead in a year shaped by factors that won’t be with us for many years to come.

Demand started to recover after the crash of the first COVID-19 pandemic. But a global shortage of microchips has prevented manufacturers from churning out cars fast enough to meet demand.

This pushed new car prices higher – the average new car sold for $47,077 in December. This, in turn, drove used car prices to over $28,000.

A solid program

But Ford was well positioned to make the most of the strange market.

It went on to produce the most sought-after vehicle in America. The F-150 pickup was once again the top-selling vehicle in the United States. Unsurprisingly, the F-150 was the vehicle Americans considered more than any other.

The Ford Explorer midsize SUV also made it into the top 20 sellers of the year.

Ford also took advantage of its new Maverick compact pickup, which comes standard as a hybrid or with an optional turbocharged gasoline engine. The Maverick, our Best New Model award winner, became so popular that Ford suspended orders while it caught up. The electric Mustang Mach-E also had high purchase rates.

Toyota doesn’t slip much

Toyota was close behind, with 32% of buyers looking closely at a Toyota vehicle. Purchases for the RAV4 fell 12%, but purchases for the RAV4 Hybrid, despite its extremely low supply, saw an 18% increase in purchases. The Toyota Tacoma, with its tight inventories, also slipped into buying considerations.

Consideration dropped sharply after these two. Chevrolet placed third, winning the eyes of 24% of buyers. Honda came fourth with 24%. Hyundai and Subaru are tied for fifth with 13%.

SUVs are still king

66% of buyers looked at an SUV.

Of all non-luxury vehicle buyers, 35% considered a pickup truck, up from 32% from Q3. Cars, meanwhile, captured the attention of 31% of buyers. Minivans trailed at 4%, but many remain in short supply, with manufacturers barely building enough to keep up with demand.

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