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“Euphoria” makeup artist Donni Davy is leveraging her popular beauty looks for her own cosmetics line.

Davy on Tuesday announced the brand, called Half Magic, which will offer makeup products that recreate the bold and whimsical looks she created for the past two seasons of the hit HBO show. Davy began building the brand shortly after the first season of “Euphoria” aired in 2019.

“After what happened with the first season and the ‘Euphoria’ makeup trend, it was kind of an organic thing to start thinking about ‘what if I do a line,'” Davy said. “I really wanted to make sure that if I was going to do it, then I was going to do it from scratch. I had this opportunity to do this and I just thought it would be so much fun to do and provide people with specific products designed to create colorful multi-dimensional colorscapes on your eyes.

Half Magic will debut in May with an assortment of products to achieve a complete look. The brand’s flagship product is Chrome Addiction, an eye product that comes in mattes, shimmers and glitters and in a range of vibrant colors and earth tones. Half Magic will also offer tools that will allow the user to easily create graphic makeup.

“It’s definitely inspired by the fantastical, heightened, glittery, colorful makeup looks you see on ‘Euphoria’, but also by the people who recreated [the looks] on their own,” she said. “It’s a real source of inspiration for me: to see how people have been inspired [by “Euphoria”]. I’m inspired by how I see Gen Z doing [the looks] and I put it on screen, and then the Gen Z makeup community gets inspired by it, and then I get inspired, so it’s a never-ending circle of inspiration.

The makeup artist explained that the brand’s name was the most difficult to understand, but was chosen to reflect her aesthetic of marrying graphic makeup looks with the everyday.

“There was something really specific that I wanted to tackle with Half Magic,” she said. “Half the part is kind of like the looks are fantastic and elevated, but also the part that makes it magical is the everyday nature of wearing a fantastic, sparkly rhinestone wing to the grocery store or to work or to school.”

Davy used Half Magic products to create some of the beauty looks for season two of “Euphoria.” When the season first came out, Davy explained the vibe of the looks as “emotional glamour”.

“Similar to last season, the makeup designs all come from what the characters are going through,” she said in a January interview with WWD. “It’s kind of emotional glamour, that’s what I call it this season. The approach is always to work collaboratively with the actors and understand where they’re coming from in a particular scene or episode. and to have their opinion on their state of mind.

Davy explained that with the second season of “Euphoria,” she first felt compelled to deliver the same level of graphic beauty that resonated so strongly with fans and found that the looks on the show still had impact on viewers.

“The aesthetic of the show has changed a bit, so my work has changed and evolved a bit,” she said. “Some parts became more minimal and other elements appeared. I didn’t really know how people were going to receive it. For example, did people just want to see the same big, sparkly neon looks? I don’t know, people probably did, but I was really happy with how the looks turned out and the reception was awesome.


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