Ducere unveils MBA programs in luxury brand management and digital health

Ducere Global Business School has partnered with the University of Torrens to launch two new specialist MBA programs in 2022, targeting the luxury brand and healthcare sectors.

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management and the MBA in Digital Health Transformation will welcome their first students in February next year.

The new programs bring Ducere’s range of specialist MBAs to five, including the popular MBA in Innovation and Leadership and an MBA in Data Management and Cyber ​​Security.

Ducere Global Business School founder Mat Jacobson said the new MBAs were specially designed for early-career executives looking for a highly personalized program that would accelerate their careers.

“Like all Ducere programs, these two new offerings apply our unique, real-world-focused learning structures to two of the most exciting sectors of today’s economy,” he said. “The job market for executives is increasingly looking for targeted skills, not generic knowledge that can be layered on any sector of the economy. “

Mat Jacobson, founder of Ducere Global Business School.

The 12-month programs are offered entirely online through the Canvas learning management system and provide students with the opportunity to work on real business projects with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Ducere MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The Bespoke MBA in Luxury Brand Management is offered through a collaboration between Ducere and the University of Torrens and is designed to provide students with real-world knowledge and specialist knowledge enabling them to lead the industries of the luxuries such as wine, fashion, motor vehicles and travel.

Mr Jacobson said Australia’s luxury market is on track to reach $ 3 billion by 2024, with the global luxury market worth several hundred billion more.


“The luxury brand industry is very different from any other product or service,” he said. “A traditional company sells products according to their specifications and characteristics, luxury brands are all about emotions and selling an experience.

“Luxury brands want their customers to have an emotional attachment to their brand, and being a leader in this environment requires a very different skill set than selling consumer products. “

Ducere and Torrens have partnered with some of the world’s leading luxury brands to develop customer content for the new MBA. Students will have the opportunity to work on projects with brands such as Swarovski, Qantas, Apple, Disney, Aston Martin, etc.

Students studying the MBA are required to undertake 11 major subjects and complete with an Applied Industry Project which enables students to consolidate their knowledge, skills and ideas to develop innovative solutions to a real business problem identified in the context of a workplace, a start-up or the industry in their specialization.

Ducere MBA in digital healthcare transformation

The MBA in Digital Health Transformation is designed for executives who want to benefit from the healthcare industry’s transition to digital technologies.

Total venture capital investment in the digital health sector in the first half of 2021 was $ 14.7 billion, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

“When we were looking for industries that would offer our graduates a multitude of opportunities, we couldn’t get past the healthcare sector and the massive process of digitization it is undergoing… it is a huge sector, which continues to grow” Mr. Jacobson said.

“The health service sector is something that affects everyone in the community and there is a huge opportunity for people on the front lines to improve the speed, access and affordability of health services.

“Unlike any other industry, opportunities must be harnessed against risks, not only to people’s health, but also to their data. “

The Ducere MBA in Digital Health Management consists of 11 main subjects and an applied industry project. The 100% online program does not include any exams with all assessments based on real world homework and a project applied.

To access the programs, students must have a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience or a high school diploma and seven years of work experience.

The programs are priced at $ 48,000 or $ 38,400 when you access Ducere scholarships up to 20%. Students can access the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP program to help pay all or part of the course fees.

For more information, visit Ducere MBA in Luxury Brands Management or Ducere MBA in Digital Health Transformation.

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