Disney and Stella McCartney team up for a second Fashion Merch collaboration

While the Disney family-friendly entertainment group has struggled in the media lately over its slow response to Florida’s controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, British designer Stella McCartney reminds us that founder Walt Disney’s vision was magical. McCartney was inspired by the early work of the animator, Fancy! to be exact for a delicious collection of fun pieces to wear for spring.

the Stella McCartney Presents Disney Fantasia! The collaboration follows the International Women’s Day and Disneyland Paris project where Stella let Minnie wear the pants when designing the first-ever pantsuit for Mickey’s female sidekick in March. the Fancy! project was born out of McCartney’s love for the cult animated film mixing fashion and whimsy for pieces meant to be collectibles.

Considering Mickey’s biggest fans would be those under 18, a Stella McCartney Kids capsule collection will follow this fall. But the recent rise in Disney fashion collaborations suggests otherwise. The beloved happy mouse has been a favorite of luxury fashion designers with brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons, Supreme and even Christian Lacroix for Desigual all creating merchandise featuring the famous Disney mouse . According to this Fashion Law article, in 2018 Disney generated over $60 million in retail sales of licensed merchandise.

The unisex collection takes inspiration from the natural world with The Rite of Spring and Mickey Mouse himself as a sorcerer’s apprentice, both themes from the film. In keeping with the brand, the pieces also embody the brand’s sustainable goals by using reclaimed, repurposed and recycled materials on the pieces that exude a youthful athleticism and vibrant energy akin to the Stella McCartney Summer 2022 collection.

Inspiration and source work include Mickey Mouse hand patterns and rare 1940s posters on limited edition repurposed antique silks from LVMH’s Nona Source. Knits with graphic Mickey and broom-man riffs on the film’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment, alongside blushing satyr backdrops from The Pastoral Symphony. Reinterpreting the night skies of the movie and the glitz of Summer 2022, the advanced bodycon knits shimmer with PVC-free glitter.

Sustainable sportiness can be found in jackets made from recycled nylon cheesecloth, dungarees and short pants, hoodies in organic cotton jersey and tiny vests in Fantasia prints. Accessories also get in on the action with Mickey’s head silhouette bags and the iconic Falabella bags featuring a rainbow Mickey.

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