Caviar, the luxury brand, unveils bulletproof iPhone 13 series

Caviar, the luxury brand, is back with stunning designs for modern smartphones. This time, NPO TCIT, a company specializing in armored vehicles, made the iPhone 13 bulletproof with BR-2 Class 2 armor. After releasing a modified version of the iPhone 12 for caring users. privacy one year ago, Caviar introduced bulletproof iPhone 13, new Stealth 2.0 iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max phones are equipped with a layer of BR-2 Class 2 bulletproof armor that can withstand a shot.

The bulletproof body was designed by NPO TCIT, a company specializing in combat helicopters and armored vehicles. The Stealth 2.0, like its predecessor, does not have cameras (rear and front). The lack of a front camera on the Stealth 2.0, on the other hand, is likely to make Face ID ineffective.

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Therefore, biometric authentication on the iPhone Stealth 2.0 is unlikely. The luxury brand showcased the new features, including bulletproof armor. Caviar, which is known for producing personalized and luxurious versions of smartphones, claims that removing cameras allows users to use their phones in places where cameras are prohibited.

Bulletproof iPhone 13 Series

Caviar’s new iPhone 13 Stealth 2.0 series can withstand a pistol bullet while still functioning normally. Stealth 2.0 is available in two colors: black and titanium. For those who work in restricted areas and classified facilities, the Black version is completely black on both sides and lacks all cameras.

The Titanium version is made from impact-resistant titanium with a laser-etched khaki pattern, as the name suggests. This retains all four cameras, allowing you to take advantage of the phone’s advanced imaging capabilities.

Bulletproof iPhone 13 Series

According to the company’s website, only 99 units of this improved version of the series, first introduced in 2020, will be manufactured. Buyers can choose between an iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro Max with up to 1TB of storage capacity. The most affordable model in the new series will cost $ 6,370 (around Rs 1,133,860 lakh), while the high-end iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage will cost $ 7,980. (about Rs. 6.08 lakh).

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