British fashion brands cut delivery times in half

Unleashed’s Product Lead Time Index analyzed over 2,500 companies across 25 different subsectors to determine which experienced the most severe shortages during the Covid-19 supply chain crisis. – and which recovered the fastest as it subsided.

Defined as the time between when a purchase order is placed to restock products and when the order is received in the warehouse, delivery time for UK retailers of clothing, footwear and accessories had decreased by 49, 86% since the start of the pandemic. in March 2020.

This puts apparel, fashion and accessories behind only four other subsectors: food (which reduced its lag by 56.14%), electronics and telecommunications (54.90%), healthcare , medical supplies and equipment (53.71%), as well as office supplies. equipment and supplies (51.73%).

Unleashed Regional Director for the UK and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Stephen Jones, said: “Global supply chains are complex, and while the market has been more uncertain than Typically, our data suggests that providers are working hard to build resilience.

“In fact, for many, the crisis has only strengthened their resolve. Given the drop in delivery times in certain sub-sectors, including apparel, fashion and accessories, their efforts are clearly paying off.

“Keeping tight control over inventory is essential at all times, but particularly during times of disruption. When product delivery times fluctuate, the right technology can quickly show you actual delivery times versus planned times, allowing you to manage customer expectations or find alternative suppliers who can deliver faster.

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