Big Norwegian Wool Opening Event with Brian Cox of HBO Succession and Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing

Heather kaminetsky, president of Mytheresa and moderator of the inaugural event asked Brian a question: “What does fashion mean for Logan roy‘to which Brian replied, “To be honest I don’t think Logan cares about clothes, but Brian cox on the other hand, cares about the clothes. “The crowd laughed.” Logan is very practical, he wears what he thinks will fit him and he is not self-continuing about it. ”

Heather asked a question Jonathan schwartz, Chief Stylist of Succession who was present that evening, asking him about the meaning of the baseball cap, to which Jonathan replied, “When Logan puts on his baseball cap and sunglasses, it’s really his protection from the world. He’s very The world isn’t going to encroach on him, he’s going to do whatever F Logan is going to do. ”

The star panel also discussed the direction of menswear and its evolution. Ivan shaw said “we’re all back and there’s this huge energy out there and I think the men really want to dress again”. He explained how “… clothes can really bring you joy and I think we all really need it.” Ivan continues, “I don’t think it’s about going back to where we were, but about going to a new place. It’s about embracing new life. Hybrid life … and it doesn’t. doesn’t mean you can’t dress for work. ”

Continuing discussions about the dress code for work, Ryan added, “If you’re not careful, your first impression will be your last impression.” “When I would show up in a suit in my forties, even now, and look professional, people were so surprised I didn’t show up in a sweatshirt and was like ‘oh, you gotta take it seriously, you will take my building seriously, here is our $ 2 billion clearance sale ‘and I really credit the outfit, it has nothing to do with me “.

Michael berkowtiz added, “People want a little more stretch. A little more laid back. But people still want to look good.”

Discussing why Michael strayed from a successful career in finance and shifting to the world of fashion, he said, “Fashion isn’t all about a runway in Milan, fashion is about living it and wearing it in real life. new York, Chicago, London etc. “.

Michael continued, “If fashion can’t be worn, it’s not that meaningful to me. Our mission is to create products that combine performance and luxury for all of us, that can actually be worn in real life.” .

About Norwegian wool

Norwegian wool is inspired by both the South and the North Europe. The luxury outerwear brand has synergized traditional Italian garment craftsmanship with modern Scandinavian design technology. Each collection is sophisticated and fitted while being able to withstand the harshest winter weather conditions. Visit for more information.

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