Best Mens Suits 2022

Although men’s suits tend to be something you pull out for special occasions more than everyday wear, it’s always a good idea to have a solid range for those important moments. The market for low-cost costumes available online has grown in recent times and there are reliable options to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for specific sizes to fit a certain body type or want a sharp look for work or for dressing up a group of groomsmen, the best men’s suits don’t need to either. ruin you. The key is to focus on the fit and pay close attention to the tailoring.

While high-quality fabrics and smart designs certainly matter, the drape of a suit and how it fits your frame is, quite frankly, key. After all, you can pay top dollar for a designer suit, but if it’s loose or too tight or the length isn’t right, it won’t look stylish or really give you want to wear it.

So plan to bring everything you buy to a tailor or look for bespoke options that you can personalize online, such as those in Indochina. Also consider the purpose of the combination. Will it be for summer clothes? Opt for linen and technical fabrics in lighter shades. Or is this your costume to wear forever? In this case, opt for a darker colored wool instead. For formal occasions and weddings, opt for a three-piece suit. More unstructured cuts, however, are ideal for casual work functions and dinner parties with friends.

With more events on the horizon and the wedding circuit already booming, there are plenty of times you’ll want to wear a suit. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best men’s suits for every type of personal style and fashion requirement.

Best Tall and Tall Men’s Suits for Men

Banana Republic: Extended sizes and a variety of lengths

Big and tall costumes are no longer limited to a handful of costume makers. Today, modern and accessible brands like Banana Republic offer high-quality options in extended sizes of up to 44 inches for the waist and 50 inches for blazer lengths. the Hopsack Signature Suit Jacket and Trousers are cut from Italian stretch wool, sourced from a factory that has been producing fabrics since 1865, and are wrinkle-resistant and breathable.

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Best 3 Piece Suits for Men

Suit Supply: Classic Options for a Stylish Look

Suit Supply offers both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure suits at affordable prices and of exceptional quality (walking past one of their workshops, you can see the tailors at work). With their huge range of styles, they have some of the best 3 piece suits on the market – you’ll be spoiled for choice. This medium gray Lazio suit is elegant and refined.

The Best Customized and Affordable Men’s Suit

Indochino: practical and affordable tailor-made

There are, of course, a plethora of luxury brands that offer bespoke suits, but for a more accessible (but still high-quality) option, Indochino is your best bet. The brand’s tailor-made offer can be made in store or at home. The only issue is that returns are not accepted, which is to be expected with a bespoke suit.

Best Men’s Suits for a Groom

Men’s Wearhouse: formal suits and tuxedos to buy or rent

Best Suits for Groomsmen

Bonobos: Several cuts, colors and styles

Bonobos can save you a lot of headaches when you have a group of men to dress in a specific color. The retailer offers dozens of styles in a variety of fits, ranging from slim to athletic to standard, and also offers extended sizes, all in a range of shades and materials. The best-selling Jetsetter wool suit is breathable, has just enough stretch, and comes in nine versatile colors (ensuring it’s a suit you can wear multiple times).

Best Casual Suits for Men

J.Crew: comfortable and contemporary cuts

Often incorporating lightweight, breathable high-tech fabrics, J.Crew offers fantastic suiting options for more business casual or warmer weather. There are also cuts, like this one, that are relaxed and unstructured, proving that suiting doesn’t always have to translate to formal. For an elegant option, combine the Ludlow Slim Fit Deconstructed Suit Jacket with the coordination Suit pants.

Best Designer Suits for Men

Ralph Lauren: refined suits to keep forever

Ralph Lauren offers a refined line of timeless suits, crafted in fine, premium fabrics that can withstand rigorous wear and provide a more precise fit. Handmade costumes like this are an investment, but they will last a lifetime.

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