Arundhati Kane from costume jewelry brand Itahdnura

She was in love with handmade trinkets and picked them up from different places around the world while shopping on the street. Arundhati Kane’s family and friends loved her choice of stylish jewelry. So one day, Kane sat down to experiment with designing something all his own. This is how her brand of fashion accessories Itahdnura was born with the aim of creating fun and stylish objects at affordable prices.

Entrepreneurship path

“From planning, logistics, supply chain, marketing to shipping each order with the utmost care and love, it has been a wonderful experience. I did not choose to become an entrepreneur; it just happened, ”recalls the psychologist turned businesswoman who juggles her role as an entrepreneur and that of a practicing consulting psychologist. The Mumbaikar has its own business called Mind Mosaic. Due to the pandemic, she has gone online and offers remote counseling and online counseling. She also designs curricula and creates lesson plans and textbooks for all major school boards in India.

Kane was a pioneer. She started in 2013 using digital platforms to sell. A one woman army to start with, she built her website from scratch. Today, she works with designers and manufacturers who create for her.

The pivot of the pandemic

For entrepreneurs across the country, the pandemic has hit where it hurts. But Kane says she was better prepared to take on a pivot given that she was already an online business. “The pandemic was a bit difficult to navigate as people were making less purchases and its logistics partners were not functioning during the initial part of the pandemic.”

But where the pandemic has helped is to make business strategy more agile and better understand customer feedback and behavior as well as a more solid sales plan. “It’s made me robust when it comes to my marketing and sales strategies now,” says Kane, who sees entrepreneurs as a big learning curve.

Itahdnura products

How Google Helped Me Shape By Business

“As entrepreneurs, you can never sell something that we don’t wear ourselves,” says Kane. She sees the internet as a boon to business as it helps entrepreneurs like her reach millions of people while staying at home and also believes the future of fashion e-commerce is NOW since everything is available at at hand. So she’s very particular about how she gets customer feedback and the digital tools she uses to grow her business.

Sometimes the most basic tools eliminate many efficiency issues. “For example, we found that storing, sharing and using images through Google Drive was very helpful for the team, which is located across the country.”

Speaking of the artisans and designers who work with her, she says this is a creative collaboration. “I keep sharing ideas with them that they incorporate into the designs they create,” she says, adding that her designers are mostly women and are based in Mumbai. The responsibility for creating the jewelry, setting the stones and doing the detail work rests with the male artisans working under him.

Kane believes that entrepreneurship can offer real brotherhood to women. “People who aspire to become entrepreneurs should imbue themselves with the qualities of passion, persistence, patience and the ability to take risks without fear of failure. “

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“There will be good days and bad days. Learn from your bad days and enjoy the good days. Becoming an entrepreneur has been a rewarding experience. It allows me to do what I love and therefore I don’t feel like I’m working “

Speaking about managing work-life balance, she says she doesn’t miss her “me” time. “I relax by listening to music, cooking or watching movies. I have a daily routine in which I can allocate time for work and quality time at home, ”she explains.

Future plans

Kane, who is a die-hard movie fan, has goals for her business. She started her business with a very small investment. Its sales and customers are increasing every year. She told us that her current income is 20-30 times what she earned in the first year.

We wish Kane the best in taking this business to the next level.

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