All about Tory Burch and his luxury fashion brand

Tory Burch is a famous American fashion designer, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Tory Burch LLC, a self-created brand. In 2020, Forbes ranked Tory as the 88th most powerful woman in the world.

Here’s everything you need to know about the businesswoman and her brand.

Tory and his family

Tory owes the launch of her brand to the support provided by her family. In fact, family is where it all started for her. Whether it’s her children, her brothers, her friends or her colleagues, she is very close to them and calls them her constant source of inspiration.

The immense support of his family since childhood has made Tory and his brand what they are today.

Tory Burch and his brand

Tory Burch’s journey with her brand began in 2004 when she launched her eponymous brand during Fashion Week in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. The success of the brand is immediate. The accessories and ready-to-wear that she exhibits during this fashion week are the admiration of all fashion enthusiasts.

In 2006, she decided to broaden the horizons of her business and introduced her brand to the international market. It opened its stores in Asia and Europe. In the same year, one of his iconic accessories, the Reva bag, caught the eye and became the talk of all bag lovers. The name of this bag was inspired by Tory’s mother.

In 2015, Tory launched the Tory Sport collection. She said she was inspired by the grace and strength of athletes, with classic and retro lines made from high-tech fabrics. She also launched the Tory Brunch Foundation and revealed her philanthropic side to the world. In an interview, Tory was quoted as saying that her company’s main goal is to support female entrepreneurs around the world.

Tory brand logo

The Tory brand logo was inspired a lot by David Hicks, a Moroccan interior designer. Tory represented his brand with 200 different designs before finally settling on the iconic – T. He still represents the logo.

A brand that wants to empower women

Tory is extremely passionate about business. She is also very attentive to women entrepreneurs. The lady created her brand to give back and support other women. The Tory Burch Foundation which she established in 2009 aimed to introduce efforts to advance women’s empowerment and encourage entrepreneurship. The foundation provided education, digital resources and capital to all women who were eager to do business. It was built to help them fight against stereotypes.

Tory Burch and the beautiful collection

The popularity of the Tory Burch brand has grown by leaps and bounds, transcending national boundaries and showing up on many well-known international platforms. She presents her collection each season during New York Fashion Week. From fashion critics to fashion enthusiasts and others, her collection is admired by all.

Her collection often includes timeless and versatile clothing and accessories embodying classic American style.

Stories behind her fashion inspiration

She also draws inspiration from the stories of women around the world. Tory connects with women from all backgrounds, classes, ages and industries. Its products and accessories reflect exactly the same. Recently, she was also seen discussing social change at the Tory Burch Foundation summit.

Brand exposing a beautiful play of colors

Tory sees the world in color. His collection often revolves around the beautiful play of colors. She is drawn to the way colors complement and harmonize. Its guiding principle is to live in color and encourage its customers to do the same.

Tory’s dream is to inspire people around the world to live in color with character, beauty and confidence. In 2014, the lady wrote her first book, Tory Burch in Color. It quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The book is about the people, places and things that inspired her to be who she is today.

Fashion inspired by travel

Tory Burch loves to travel so much. She cites that travel and discovery are integral to the collection and her brand. His collection often showcases the culture and highlights of places like Greece, Italy and Morocco, where Tory traveled to spend the summer with his parents. She has the gift of seeing the world and discovering different cultures.

How big is the Tory Burch brand?

The American clothing brand designs and markets quality and prestigious clothing and accessories for women and girls. Some of its products include handbags, watches, shoes and accessories. The brand also designs other products, including shoes, fragrances, eyewear and home décor items.

The travel and interior-inspired brand has expanded to 250 locations in major cities around the world. You’ll find Tory Burch in cities like London, Paris, New York and Shanghai. You can also view the brand’s stocks in approximately three thousand department stores and specialty stores located around the world.

Currently, the Tory Burch brand is managed by 3,750 employees in global outlets and stores. In 2020, the brand’s annual revenue was $318.42 million. With such a great reputation in the fashion world and such a great colorful collection to explore, it’s no surprise that young girls and women love to shop and wear Tory Burch.

What makes Tory Burch special?

Tory Burch is everywhere because this brand is attractive, classic and relevant to the fashion industry it has served for over a decade. The brand’s design and layout are adaptable to changing fashion needs. He takes multiple colors and designs the best pieces that meet all fashion requirements without compromising on quality and brand message.

As an entrepreneur, her target market is women, through which she has become an adept designer. It’s not wrong to say that Tory Burch is a one-woman army.

So why wait? Discover her fantastic collection of clothing and accessories now.

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