Aero Technologies’ Uma Subramanian on high-end aviation brand

Uma Subramanian says she found her true love in life at age 9, with a trip to Space Camp. Since then, she has been fascinated by anything that flies.

In this episode of Office Hours, Subramanian, now CEO of Aero Technologies, talks about his unique journey in aviation and his plans to create and grow a luxury aviation company.

Subramanian graduated in aerospace engineering and began his career working for NASA. After a few years working in aerospace at a time when the space race was not really a national priority, she decided to take a detour to business school.

“I come from a very engineering-focused company and a very engineering-focused background. So I knew a lot about space rocket propulsion jets, like how do you fly that? But I didn’t really know how the world worked,” Subramanian said.

Going to business school was an eye-opening experience, she said, offering her “a spectacular way to make sense of the world in a very compressed period of time.”

After working for Rolls Royce and becoming managing director of the European branch of TaskRabbit, where he went from selling airline jets to airplanes to organizing gardening groups, Subramanian returned to his fundamental love: l ‘aviation. Through an incubator run by Airbus, Subramanian found herself working at Voom, a company that aims to make helicopter travel accessible and affordable for urban markets.

“So that was my first real entrepreneurial job as CEO. And the goal was basically to make urban air mobility a reality,” Subramanian said.

It wouldn’t be the last time Subramanian ran a cutting-edge aviation company.

She joined Aero technologies in 2019, an airline and aeronautical company that aims to make the flight experience an event in itself. Aero focuses on the wealthiest customers and focuses on routes from Los Angeles to Los Cabos or Aspen to San Francisco.

“There are routes all over the United States that are similar to this where there is a high concentration of people, a steady state of people going back and forth, supplemented by vacationers,” Subramanian said.

She sees the company’s mission as building a luxury brand in aviation. For Subramanian, this means building a brand that resonates with the traveler beyond the basic service of flight.

“We’re really building a brand that’s so much more than just air travel. It happens that air transport is what we offer, but we offer many other services to the customer,” Subramanian said.

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