20 years later, here’s what awaits Indian designers Ankur and Priyanka Modi behind the AMPM label

It’s not every day that an established fashion brand decides to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. It’s a brave choice. Some might even say it’s risky. But that’s what luxury everyday wear brand AMPM didn’t shy away from. As they prepared to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, they took to the proverbial stage (and Instagram) to showcase a refreshed avatar of the brand. Version 2.0, if you allow it.

With 12 functional stores across the country, a strong name in the minds of consumers and success in their various vertical markets; one would assume that efforts would be directed towards growing the existing business. But the founders decided to walk in the opposite direction. What caused this? “Yes, the AMPM was booming. But during our journey, we experimented and deviated from what we wanted to be. There was a big disconnect from our core. So it was my responsibility as the founder to go back to the drawing board,” creative director Priyanka Modi tells us in a Zoom chat. Does that make everything they’ve done over the past two decades irrelevant? Or does it still have value in this new order? “It’s not that everything we did wasn’t real. But since there was a deviation, it is an evolution and a return to the sources. The essential remains intact, we just edited the things that were not essential, extras that had to be eliminated. And when things become less, they become limitless,” Modi muses.

The brand and the laid-back ease it brings to its wardrobe has had patrons – celebrities and real women – since its launch. Everyday wear worthy of being considered high-repeat-value staples. Actor Sayani Gupta, who first wore the brand eight years ago, favors it for its versatility. “Comfort is very important to me, and it’s always paramount in an AMPM outfit. The aesthetic is very modern, but there is an innate Indian side to their clothes. I like the transition of the pieces. You can literally wear them from morning to night! she explains. Film producer Guneet Monga is drawn to their inclusive designs. “I love their clean cuts and colors. Also, their clothes make all body types feel comfortable, which is very important to me,” says Monga.

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