Where to apply for a quick credit online

Apply for a quick credit online

The approach of the holiday season, the need to update the costumes, the repair of the car or motorcycle, etc … It does not matter so that a few hundred euros is urgently needed. Often we are all in urgent need of quick money, there is no doubt. But what really intrigues us the most is where exactly to go to apply for a loan? In which microfinance institution do we trust? Yes, taking an online credit today is not a problem, since only in Spain there are around a hundred lenders. How to decide and not waste your time? To find these answers will help you as always.

Yes, in the case of banks, we can be satisfied with the information on the official website of the company, then what to do with microfinance institutions? In addition to everything, banks are gaining a reputation over the years, and opinions about their services are distributed to all media, and can also be heard through our friends and acquaintances. So taking a look at the bank’s reputation is much easier than believing in a positive critique of a microfinance company. Everyone knows that there are scammers among the moneylenders and, on the other hand, opinions on the Internet can be bought. Therefore, what lender should we look for to obtain an online credit?

First, the lender must be in the microfinance market in Spain for at least one year, preferably two or more. Over the years, a good company always accumulates a lot of real assessments of their customers, plus people must ensure that this company is truly responsible and has decent and honest conditions. The older the company is, the more information you can find about it and form your own impression. In general, good microfinance companies have nothing to hide, and they publish information about the company’s history on its official website. Please consider this, the more documentary information can be found on a potential lender’s website, the better.

In addition, a decent company will not hide a “secret” commission and fees. During the use of loan simulator on the main page of the site, when you specify the desired amount and the repayment term of the credit online, you must show the actual amount of the final payment, taking into account the APR. Hide fees and commissions indicates that It is a scam company. The procedure for the calculation of all commissions must be written in the “Conditions of the loans” on the company’s website. If not, this is a strong reason to think about the integrity of the company.

The third aspect and characteristic of the prestige of the lender is that he has true opinions of clients. Surely, you have heard some negative comments about one or another microfinance from your friends or acquaintances. In general, if people leave these comments and views quite regularly, then maybe you should not trust this company. Yes, there are many opinions that can be bought today, and used by the employees of the lenders. However, it is very easy to distinguish false from true opinion. This is more easily visible in social media. If the opinion is too long and detailed, it is unlikely that it can be trusted. It is also important to pay attention to the person who wrote it – the user account must be simple, open and more plausible, which makes it more likely that the person is real.

You should also pay attention to the quality and quantity of advertising that the lender advertises on radio, television and the Internet. The greater amount of publicity and better quality means that everything is going well in that company, and that you have enough money to make a commercial at a high cost. A good company will not spare money on search engine advertising, as it is very easy and open to contact and provide feedback. The official website of the company and its group on social networks is a sign of openness to dialogue with its customers, as well as the willingness to work with any revision.

Do not trust those who promise mountains of gold. In general, the limit of online credit in microfinance institutions does not exceed 2,500 euros, with maturities of up to 24 months. Annual Commission (APR) should not exceed the average in the country. And, by the way, do not be afraid of the promotion “the first free loan”, since it is really a good opportunity to attract new clients and for you to have the opportunity to know the credit conditions of the company and to form conclusions about if you must continue using your services.

And, finally, do not neglect to check the requirements for the provision of credit. In some companies the requirements may vary, but absolutely all legal companies require the same four requirements: document the presence of citizenship or residence of Spanish (DNI or NIE, necessarily valid), over 18 years of age, the presence of the regular income confirmation, and personal bank account, as well as a mobile phone. No company will provide an online credit to the client that does not meet these requirements.

Then, now you know the secrets of correct selection of your lender. In our portal you can read more about the most recommended lenders and compare their services. We wish you all the best in a financial field!