Mini Loans and Mini Quick Credits from 100 to 900 euros

Loans and Credits in Savso Solocitar Online

We continue to familiarize you with the most popular banking entities in the consumer market of microfinance in Spain. To your attention, Savso Spain SLU, the young, but reliable company, with domicile in Madrid that offers fast mini loan services for individuals.

Yes, many competitors propose fast, short-term money without papers. But, unlike many other organizations that provide similar services, the Savso has a great distinctive feature (in our opinion). Let’s justify what we want to say!

On the homepage, you will see a very practical calculator with which you can easily see the amount of your future commissions. Yes, the company does not hide any secret interest and fees from its customers. You can get 100 to 300 euros, with the primary treatment. If you have successfully redeemed the first loan from Savso, you will soon be able to give the next loan, in which case you can safely ask for the amount of up to 900 euros. It’s not bad, right? But, however, the main advantage of Savso is its flexible repayment term. From 13 to 26 weeks – that is not 30 or even 45 days, as in other companies.

Therefore, we will find out the size of the clear and transparent commissions of the Savso in this example.

Let’s say that your friend Manuel took a microcredit of 100 euros for a minimum period – 13 weeks. In this case, the amount of your payment in excess to 55.74 euros, equivalent to 2229% of APR. As a result, he will have to return € 155.74, (if we take into account that every week Manuel will have to pay a commission of € 11.98). The first weekly payment will be charged to your debit card after 7 days from the loan start date. All subsequent payments will be deducted automatically from your card on the corresponding day of the week, even if it is a holiday.

You can ask – why should the client pay every week, and not at the end of the month? The management of the company explains it this way – they just did everything possible for your convenience. Judge for yourself – each end of the month we have a large amount of mandatory payments, starting with car and credit cards, municipal and much more. To avoid all the stress and alleviate this financial burden, Savso decided to charge a fee for a loan every week. Therefore, you will not realize how to pay your weekly contributions. Well, now we can understand why your friend Manuel not only was able to pay all the expenses at the end of this month, but also allows to buy a new TV.

It is worth noting that, of course, the longer the term of the loan, the lower weekly rates. See for yourself – thanks to a calculator on your website. Another interesting feature is that it is not necessary to show them your labor income certificate. It is sufficient to propose a certificate of receipt of any income, (a pension or unemployment benefit, for example). In addition to the proof of your solvency, what you have to be of legal age and have a residence in Spain.

Also, it will not give you a loan in Savso if you have outstanding loans, and if you do not have a bank account and debit card.

Despite the apparent loyalty of the conditions, do not forget responsibility. Like other microcredit organizations or banks, in case of delay or non-payment, you will have serious consequences.

Before asking for a micro loan, think if you really need it (our advice). If you have decided that you want to tie the financial commitment with the Savso, follow this algorithm:

  • Go to the website and select the amount that interests you and the most suitable term for you. There you will see the amount size of the commission.
  • Fill in the required information (and keep in mind that if you provide false information, you do not escape from the criminal)
  • Wait for the administrator to call you to confirm your information.
  • For a few minutes (maximum 24 hours) you will receive your money immediately in the bank card in case of approval.

So, now you know more about the current options to solve your financial problems. If you have them, we recommend Savso without hesitation.