Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit is intended to be a comprehensive portal for information, guides, comparisons and other help regarding loans and borrowing money.

There are a large number of articles about everything possible concerning different types of loans, from mortgages and car loans to private loans and micro loans. You can read about loans and their terms, find good lenders and loans and much more.

Our goals


The idea is that you as a visitor should get help to learn more about different loans but also to find good and affordable loans that suit you. We facilitate your hunt for loans by offering comprehensive comparisons of different lenders and banks for many types of loans and we also have information pages about lenders where you find out what they can offer you etc.

At Loan and Credit we try to help you in every way we can and all our services are completely free. You can learn more about loans, find good loans with our search function or use one of our other calculators or services and all this you can do for free. Hopefully we can be your starting point when you are considering taking out a loan.

It is important to know that we do not lend money ourselves or offer any financial services. Loan and Credit is only a portal with information and comparisons that makes it easier for those looking for loans. All loans you find through us you then take with the respective lenders and it is then you can contact them with questions etc.

Our responsibility


We always try to make sure that the information we have on the site is relevant and updated. However, we cannot always guarantee that all information will always be correct as things change over time (eg conditions, interest rates and some provision) and we may have missed something that needs to be changed.

We therefore do not take responsibility for any decisions based on the information on our site. Always check the terms and other information carefully with each lender before taking out a loan or entering into any type of agreement. You are welcome to let us know if you find something that is wrong and we will fix it as soon as we can.